We’re Expanding Our Innovation Capabilities!

In the continuous building and expansion of our hands-on immersion into packaging R&D, we’re excited to share the news of our new Innovation Lab in Yardley, PA.

Complete with microscopes, spectrophotometers, 3D printers, laser cutters, transit testing, barcode scanners, and more, the Innovation Lab will allow our team to build out packaging and Physical Brand Enhancement™ from concept to finished product in Yardley, PA. Clients will be able to see and test their products in real-time, without having to wait for typical production or long parcel lead times. Bringing this new program in will help minimize the time spent back and forth with packaging development and will ultimately expedite our speed to market.

Equipment in the lab will allow Spearhead’s multiple, global innovation labs to interface for coloration studies, client collaboration, rub testing, and more. The Yardley Innovation Lab will also allow the team to focus on ship testing and being able to address transit issues in the early stages with partners and clients. The new equipment will continually build out the innovative concepts that The Spearhead Team can bring to the table, including the ability to achieve new sustainability practices.

“Our goal is to proactively evaluate packaging and structures to provide our clients with world-class brand enhancements,” said Tom Harney, Quality & Compliance Manager. “I have spent 30 years in the lab industry and my contributions to The Spearhead Group have been to grow that dynamic business model for our partners and clients. The Yardley Innovation Lab is a new pillar that will continue providing that recognized innovation, creativity, and economic strategy that the Spearhead Group has become known for.”

The Yardley Innovation lab is an investment in more production innovation, development, exclusive partnerships, and IP for brand new categories. We globally recognize that innovation and new to world ideas are what truly bring about change in industries. Please reach out today to schedule a video-call to see the newly equipped Innovation Lab in Yardley, PA!