Expand Your Brand.

Our expertise in Physical Brand Enhancement™ will strengthen your brand identity and inspire customer loyalty with Spearhead supporting projects from development until it is applied on the production line. We understand the power of the customer-brand connection.


Spearhead Draws the Line Between Brand and Procurement.

Collaborative planning and decision-making is only as successful as your Physical Brand Enhancement™ partner. Spearhead has redefined the product development and manufacturing process to deliver scalable solutions that effectively help manage all aspects of the production network.


Unparalleled Versatility in Physical Brand Enhancements™.

Spearhead’s key differentiator is that we are an immersive partner in the Physical Brand Enhancement™ process. Our team is a group of passionate leaders with the agility, and experience to work side by side with stakeholders throughout the production lifecycle, from enhancement and extension modeling through to the flawless operational execution. By doing this, we have redefined innovation by reimagining the manufacturing process in a way that streamlines productivity, increases efficiency, and reduces production line rework.

  • Labels: Leather, faux leather, polymers, wood, new to market materials.
  • Medallions: Metal, plastic, new-to-market materials.
  • Value Added Physical Brand Enhancement™: Folding cartons, luxury boxes, bags and other reusable containers, new to market engineering.
  • Limited Time Offers: Short unique runs in almost any base and/or new to market materials.
  • Primary and Secondary Glass: Bottles, glassware, decanters, etc.
  • Other new-to-market innovation, including full cooperation and collaboration with client's R&D and our R&D teams in the US, Asia and around the world.

Our full-service, consultative approach means we handle all aspects of the Physical Brand Enhancement™ process, including research, design, market testing, manufacturing, QA, shipping, co-packing, and ultimately ensuring speed-to-market. Where applicable, this process can be significantly advanced using our own global production innovation sites.

Innovation Moves at the Speed of Spearhead.

Let Spearhead expand your brand and improve your bottom line.

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