The Spearhead Group Puts Innovation into Practice with Opening of New Innovation Lab and Expansion of Global Robot Fleet

– Led by Robert Catalano, The Spearhead Group delivers a breakthrough customer experience that facilitates access and drives results from product design to manufacturing –

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February 18, 2021 (Yardley, PA) – The Spearhead Group has opened their latest Innovation Lab in Yardley, PA. The new facility delivers a breakthrough customer experience, with enhanced real-time immersion into the packaging and manufacturing R&D process. Clients are able to review 3D simulations of product and equipment prototypes and virtually evaluate packaging performance such as durability, coloration and transit testing at a fraction of the time and cost. In tandem with the opening of the Yardley Innovation Lab, Spearhead has also announced a significant expansion of their Robot Fleet, a program that successfully debuted last year in their Innovation Center in China. The program will expand to six additional robots mobilized in key production centers worldwide and is designed to respond to the reality of remote work while facilitating virtual manufacturing supervision and higher returns on time and investment.

The Innovation Lab and Robot Fleet initiatives are led by Robert Catalano, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) and Co-founder of The Spearhead Group. Catalano is wholly committed to advancing Innovation in Practice and has been at the forefront of deploying new approaches, with a focus on technology, automation and a corporate culture that fosters growth. Catalano and his team operate under a separate and well-funded Innovation budget, designed to identify the best equipment, talent and partnerships. “Innovation is difficult,” Catalano shares. “People often struggle with being able to see the bigger picture; sometimes the beginning doesn’t look logical and the process can look unusual. If we are continually asking why, challenging the typical, trialing new approaches, while supporting our team’s spirit of invention, then we are always ‘spearheading’ innovation to drive change.”

  • About The Spearhead Group Innovation Lab (Yardley, PA)
    The new Spearhead Innovation Lab in Yardley, PA allows the Spearhead team to build out packaging and Physical Brand Enhancementfrom concept to finished product with the most advanced technology available. Equipped with a new suite of microscopes, spectrophotometers, 3D printers, laser cutters, transit testing, barcode scanners and more, the Innovation Lab allows clients to see and test their products in real-time, eliminating long lead times and enhancing speed-to-market through virtual collaboration. The Innovation Lab reduces production timelines for critical studies such as coloration, rub testing and transit analysis, all while supporting more sustainable business practices. The cost savings are also meaningful. Read more
  • Meet Spearhead’s Robot Fleet
    The Spearhead Group’s team is globally based with operations from Louisville, KY, to China, requiring more remote support than ever before. The expanded Robot Fleet will allow more clients to participate first-hand in critical production decisions through safe, virtual factory tours conducted by trained staff. Specially designed for Physical Brand Enhancement™, the Robot Fleet allows Spearhead to virtually host companies and clients at each stage of the production and assembly process, eliminating the need for physical presence, while delivering considerable time and cost savings. The first Robot prototype, “Scout,” is now fully operational at the China Innovation Center. The Spearhead team has added six new robots to their fleet since 2020, which are deployed at Innovation Labs worldwide and with select Pioneers. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more.

Click here for photos/video of The Spearhead Group’s Innovation Lab and Robot Fleet

 About The Spearhead Group
A leader in manufacturing innovation and product development for spirits, food, beverage and beauty brands, The Spearhead Group is an immersive partner in the Physical Brand Enhancement™ process from creative brand design to manufacturing that enable clients to stand apart from the competition. Our proven process and global team have set out to revolutionize the industry and redefine how PBETM can deliver a more memorable buyer experience. Founded in 2018 by Heather Fritzsche, CEO, and Robert Catalano, Chief Innovation Officer, the Spearhead team brings more than 50 years of collective experience enriched by Pioneers around the world. The result: a proprietary manufacturing and product development process and unparalleled relationships that ensure the execution of high-value business and brand-building goals for each client. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, The Spearhead Group manages a client-facing Packaging Innovation Center in Louisville and Yardley, and a production center in China. The Spearhead Group is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), member of Women of the Vine & Spirits, and actively supports diversity suppliers. The Spearhead Group is currently building and meeting with Fortune 500 Companies. Connect with us: and @thespearheadgroupinc (LinkedIn and Instagram).