Using a consultative approach, The Spearhead Group focuses on Packaging design, and Product development for companies that want to stand out from the competition.

We collaborate your brand to create meaningful and effective Physical Brand Enhancement™ that delight consumers and reinforce confidence in purchasing decisions.

Through our acquired knowledge of consumer behavior patterns and an understanding of the importance of delivering a more immersive experience to consumers, The Spearhead Group helps companies generate sales, increase profitability, and solidify brand loyalty.




The Spearhead Group is truly innovative from concept to completion. We are experts who know how to get things done on time and within budget.


Identifying key metrics are essential to the success of every Physical Brand Enhancement™ strategy.


Using our trusted global network, we deliver sophisticated R&D services through a unique approach that competitors can’t match. 

Our Values

Always act ethically

Treat colleagues, clients, and suppliers equally and with respect

Relationship and Reputation are always the top priority.  We will ensure to protect ours and our clients' reputation by providing the highest quality of product and service.



This woman-owned business employs a strategic development process that not only delivers on our clients’ needs, but consistently provides alternative solutions to expand the marketplace.


Let's get started. 

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