Spearhead’s China Innovation Center Now Fully Operational

The Spearhead Group is proud to announce the official opening of its custom built and 100% dedicated Spearhead Innovation Center in China, consisting of two buildings and a walled campus with room for future expansion.

This Innovation Center enables Spearhead the full capability to both independently R&D new to world Physical Brand Enhancements (PBE), as well as tailor the mass production of those developed PBEs all in one location.

“We understand that there are times our innovation pushes the boundaries of any existing production methodologies, existing sites of our Spearhead Pioneer’s capabilities. This is where our dedicated Innovation Center in China comes into play. Now with this addition in China, Spearhead has the ability to launch mass scale production of various PBE innovations, literally setting up the production process to our own design.” – Heather Fritzsche, CEO, The Spearhead Group

The possibilities with this Innovation Center are endless, including textile engineering, plastic extrusion, welding, molding assembly, to name a few, all entirely up to our own desires to push innovation to new levels, at our own site, without any existing production limitations.

This Spearhead Innovation Center has dedicated production management and product engineering teams with over a decade of experience in Asia.

“Leading this effort for Spearhead in China is a dream come true for us. Having worked in product development for over 25 years we understand that it takes a very hands-on approach to everything from raw material selection, vertically integrating production, quality assurance, continuous improvement, and traceability to ensure a great final output. We know that what comes out of this facility carries our reputation along with it. I am looking forward to creating fantastic, new to world, PBE products out of this location.” – Robert Catalano, President, The Spearhead Group


About Spearhead

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