The Spearhead Pioneers program was created to collaborate with and support the best packaging companies in the world. We work with every pioneer to develop and refine new business offerings to help them grow their business, and by putting our value on innovation, we are able to demonstrate a powerful innovation platform to the leaders in the beauty and spirits industries.


At Spearhead, we truly value our suppliers, and build relationships that last. Become a Spearhead supplier and you’ll discover:

  • Increased production opportunities
  • Direct exposure to new clients and market sectors
  • Full R&D support
  • Production and efficiency support from our team of experts
  • Marketing and PR exposure
  • Short- and long-term sales support and strategy
  • Improved payment terms as well as financing
  • Project investments
  • Expert engineer and production expertise contacts

Take the first step to become an approved supplier! Please apply below or email us at: