Because every Beverage Brand deserves the Perfect Serve

At The Signature Glass Company of Paşabahçe, our reputation and sole motivation is to Build Strong Market Positions through Glass; the perfect and complete reproduction of brand though signature glassware. It is why we exist.

This guiding passion and strategic intention allow us the freedom to design signature glassware with no compromise. It puts our production expertise, research and development, heritage and design at the heart of everything we do. It means we only work with like-minded experts, creating designs in glass engineered to transform user experience, to deliver the brand as it was intended; losing nothing, expressing everything.


With The Signature Glass Company of Paşabahçe you can be certain that everything exists for a purpose; no shortcuts, no additions. Every component, every material, every curve, every line, every facet, every texture is there for a reason. No gimmicks, no frills… only what is necessary.

Our attention to detail is what makes us who we are. It’s the reason we are selected and used by the world’s greatest beverage brands. We make the glasses that perfectly reproduce the beverage brand promise most loyally, glasses that transform the drinker’s experience, feelings and mood. We are experts in brand engineering because we understand the totality of glass. We call this the Perfect Serve.

We believe that synergy between The Signature Glass Company Paşabahçe and the unique business strategy of The Spearhead Group will create amazing value for our customers.
— Dan Aylon