At Acuity Packaging & Logistics Solutions, we’re committed to providing the best value to our customers.

We focus on listening to you and understanding what you want before we develop a plan that is logical, reasonable, manufacturable, environmentally friendly and geared specifically to your needs. Before we create a packaging design, we’ll also focus on cost and marketing effectiveness. Most importantly, we’ll work with you every step of the way. When we commit to providing value, we back it with helpfulness and a true dedication to meeting your needs, big or small.


Exciting News from Acuity PLS

Acuity PLS is a 100% woman-owned small business proudly located in Louisville, KY.  Since rebranding in 2016, we have recognized steady growth in all aspects of the business. This drives a need to relocate to a facility more appropriately suited to serve our current and potential customers in a manner that promotes efficient customer satisfaction.  This exciting, and much-anticipated relocation allows us to maintain our current geographic advantage and is scheduled for the month of June 2018.  Along these same lines, Acuity PLS constantly explores and evaluates the most effective resources.  We have added additional design software, management software and are currently anticipating the addition of various types of equipment which will allow us to better serve our customer demands. 


The management staff at Acuity PLS offers a wide range of skills, experiences, and levels of expertise.  Although we are considered a small company, each staff member provides work experience from some of the world’s largest corporations.  Collectively, we offer large company ideals supported by small company flexibility and attention.  As a bonus, Acuity PLS is a GSA approved supplier, a certified woman-owned business, and ISO9001:2015 certified.  Our staff experience, willingness to participate, drive toward perfection coupled with an open-minded thought process provides a unique environment for valuable support to nearly any challenge.

Acuity PLS prides itself on doing business with the best, just as our customers do. Like Spearhead, we recognize the true value of working with a professional organization that acknowledges customer satisfaction as the number one priority.

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