The Spearhead Group Announces Robert Catalano’s new role as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

The Spearhead Group is proud to announce Robert Catalano’s new role as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO).

The Spearhead Group prides itself on championing new to world Physical Brand Enhancements™ (PBE), and having a CINO role now creates a clear and dedicated organizational structure committed to innovation and R&D.

As CINO, Robert describes himself as one who can continue to shake up the organization by not only driving innovation himself, but by creating and inviting a culture, space, and collaborative spirit for others to innovate. Robert sees a successful CINO as someone that encourages innovative collaboration by creating opportunities to work together with clients and team members.  As an example,  Lana Toler, Marketing & Innovation Manager, is given the R&D resources and tools to create and develop what clients need, delivering manufacturing innovation and PBE development for spirits, food, beverage, and beauty brands.

With a separate and well-funded Innovation budget, equipment, and global resources, Robert and his team are able to ambitiously invest in production innovation, product development, exclusive partnerships, and IP for brand new categories.

“Innovation is difficult. People often struggle with being able to see the bigger picture; sometimes the beginning doesn’t look logical and the process can look unusual. I often think it might look from the outside like connect-the-dots, nonlinear and random, then as the innovation progresses a full picture appears, sort of a surprise to others.  To me that’s how we innovate, without fear, and into the future, said Robert. “If we are continually asking why, challenging the typical, trialing new approaches, allowing and supporting our team to invent, then we are always ‘spearheading’ innovation. Clients are looking for someone that can offer innovation and The Spearhead Group may be one of the few that can actually do it because our structure is literally set up for that task.  We recognize that innovation and new to world ideas are what truly brings about change in industries.”

Please reach out today to schedule a video-call to see the newly equipped Innovation Lab in Yardley, PA!