Quality/Cocktails-To-Go (Part 2 of 2)

As a follow-up to part 1 of our blog relating to Safety Considerations with Cocktails-To-Go, we would like to bring some insight to Environmental Considerations when planning and designing innovative Physical Brand Enhancements™.

Single Serve or Multiple Serve Packaging?

Meeting consumer and clients’ needs is the main objective when designing packaging, but how do you ensure that the environmental considerations are addressed? The Spearhead Group continues to push innovation around “creating the cocktail experience” when designing new packaging in this category, but also maintaining an open dialogue of how packaging can be sustainable. The consumer/client “need” is still being evaluated and continues to evolve in the Cocktails-To-Go (CTG) category. Do customers and clients planning for a two-dinner order really want several single serves, or does a double serve offering make more sense? Are the variety of cocktails available more important versus being able to create a small group experience with multiple servings coming from one vessel? Is your venue known for a certain signature cocktail or any ordered cocktail? The opportunity is not only to create the best experiential packaging but lead the new CTG category with an eye for environmental considerations.

Is Sustainability of the Packaging at the Forefront of Development for Cocktails-To-Go?

Some companies may look towards plastic bottles for their disposable convenience; however, they require a lot of energy to manufacture and increases pollution to the environment. The investment in reusable bottles helps the environment, by using fewer resources, emitting less harmful gas, and protecting water resources. Paperboard and corrugated containers are among frequently recycled products. Biodegradable containers offer an eco-friendly solution to packaging customers’ carryout orders or leftovers. All of these eco-friendly take-out containers are designed as green alternatives to more common foam materials that are harmful to the environment. Streamlining your company’s packaging division with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging practices will not only help your company in reducing the environmental footprint but also increase brand loyalty with today’s consumers as well.

As Cocktails-To-Go continues to shape for on and off-premise accounts, let us help you find the sustainable way to develop your next CTG packaging. Reach out to The Spearhead Group to get started.