Meet Ray DeCarlo, Head of Global Sourcing & Pioneer Relations

Ray DeCarlo joined The Spearhead Group in early 2018 as a Strategic Packaging Advisor and Consultant. In June 2020, he took on a new role as Head of Global Sourcing & Pioneer Relations. With almost 40 years’ experience in high-end value-added packaging sales, Ray has leveraged his relationships and knowledge of converting capabilities and trends to guide clients on how best to achieve their graphics and functional targets. As the Strategic Lead of the Spearhead Pioneer Relations, Ray helps to identify industry leaders with an emphasis on capabilities, service, quality, and innovation. The Spearhead Pioneer program is a carefully selected group of best-in-class innovators from around the globe. With the start of the new year, The Spearhead Group is very excited about continuing the evolution of their Pioneer program.

“The Pioneers are an extended family of The Spearhead Group and I am excited to be a part of leading this program into the future. I have had the opportunity, over the years, to interact with many dynamic and innovative partners to help build quality relationships and I look forward to growing that side of The Spearhead Family,’ said Ray. “Spearhead is focused on innovation and bringing Physical Brand Enhancements™ to every aspect of the program. We rely on our global Pioneers to share the latest expertise in every aspect from glass to eco-design and luxury materials.”

The Spearhead Group has set out to revolutionize the industry and redefine how Physical Brand Enhancements™ deliver a more memorable consumer experience. By rethinking the manufacturing process, and refining automation operations, Spearhead saves time and money for clients and delivers a faster, more measurable ROI. Spearhead’s exclusive pioneer partner relationships and international business alliances bring uniquely intelligent solutions clients won’t find anywhere else.