The Spearhead Group in the News: 9 Alcohol Trends in 2021-22 (Beverage Dynamics)

Heather Fritzche, CEO/Co-founder, and Robert Catalano, CINO/Co-founder, were recently interviewed by Beverage Dynamics Editor Kyle Swartz about how “alcohol trends have shifted significantly in the past two years.” In the article, 9 Alcohol Trends in 2021-22, Heather and Robert provided insights about sustainability, product shortages, and diversity & inclusivity.

“It’s tough to forecast even the immediate future, given the unusual nature of the pandemic. Our modern world has never experienced anything like Covid-19, or the inevitable post-peak recovery. Nevertheless, we have identified nine alcohol trends that will likely grow, even as the pandemic declines.”

  1. Ecommerce Alcohol Trends
  2. Diversity and Inclusivity
  3. The Whiskey Boom Escalates
  4. More RTDs and Seltzers
  5. Sustainability Matters
  6. Product Shortages Affect Alcohol Trends
  7. Celebrity Alcohol Brands
  8. Wine Must Recalibrate
  9. Cannabis Beverages

Click the link to read the article and find out more about what we had to say about the forecasted trends. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about The Spearhead Group.

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